NMSU seeks to improve the University System, across the board, for faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors, stakeholders, and prospective students and their families. Cooperation throughout the NMSU system will be exemplary for university systems across the nation through efficient, effective, and empowering operations that align with our strategic goals.


4.1 Advance equity, inclusion and diversity and effectively support students, faculty and staff
4.2 Cultivate faculty and staff excellence, enhance productivity and improve the work climate
4.3 Nimbly respond to a dynamic higher ed environment, optimizing systems, processes and space utilization





Current Priorities

Priorities Centralized Initiatives Examples at Unit Level
Improve staff, faculty and student diversity, inclusion and engagement Understand current level of system-wide support, and develop a more integrated plan to implement Use diversity plan and best practices for hiring and retention
Improve business and operational practices and processes to achieve a culture of service and excellence Map current processes and reduce steps, approvals to better meet user needs and improve process timeliness and accuracy Use Lean process improvement methods at College/Unit levels for local level improvements
Elevate information and communication technologies to support NMSU community, systems and security Launch system-wide ICT Futures Group to start the process to envision the future of information technology services at NMSU. Nine Tiger Teams involving ICT staff, college and unit faculty and staff, students, administrative leadership and others were appointed to review and get input on current operations and present recommendations on several topic areas: Learn More: https://leads2025.nmsu.edu/goal-4/ict-futures/

KPIs with Current Measures











Goal Champions

Andy Burke, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance
Ruth Johnston, Strategic Chief Financial Officer

Goal 4 - Team Members

First Name Last Name Title Affiliation email
Andy Burke Senior Vice President Office of Administration and Finance aburke@nmsu.edu
Ruth Johnston Strategic Chief Financial Officer Office of the Chancellor ruthj@nmsu.edu
Kelly Brooks Vice President for Administration & Finance Dona Ana Community College kebrooks@nmsu.edu
Gena Jones Assistant Vice President Human Resource Services genaj@nmsu.edu
Greg Fant Associate Vice President & Deputy Provost Office of the Provost gfant@nmsu.edu
Kathy Brook Associate Dean College of Business kbrook@nmsu.edu
Braun Cartwright Chief Operating Officer Athletics braunc@nmsu.edu
Pat Chavez Director Facilities and Services pchavez@nmsu.edu
Katrina Doolittle Executive Director Environmental Health Safety & Risk Management kadoolit@nmsu.edu
Norma Grijalva Chief Info Officer ICT norma@nmsu.edu
Melina Burnside Vice President ASNMSU asnmsuvp@nmsu.edu
Renay Scott Vice President for Student Success Student Success & Enrollment Management rmscott@nmsu.edu
Laura Boucheron Associate Professor Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering lboucher@nmsu.edu
Sonia White Chair Employee Council sshaffar@nmsu.edu