NMSU LEADS 2025 was created from an in-depth, ongoing discussion with the NMSU community and sets the priorities for New Mexico State University over the next five years. Progress on the goals presented in the strategic plan will be provided by goal teams who will update the campus regularly across the system.




The mission of the New Mexico State University system is to serve the diverse needs of the state through comprehensive programs of education, research, extension and outreach, and public service.  As the state’s land-grant and space-grant university, and as a Hispanic-Serving Institution, NMSU fosters learning, inquiry, diversity and inclusion, social mobility, and service to the broader community.


By 2025, the NMSU system will excel in student success and social mobility for our diverse student populations, achieve the highest Carnegie research status (R1), and maintain our Carnegie Community Engagement classification.
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Leadership: Promoting and creating the ability for Aggies to shape the future
Excellence: Providing the highest level of education, research, outreach, and service
Access: Welcoming diverse populations to higher education and to the NMSU community
Diversity & Inclusion: Embracing our differences as an asset and actively seeking to include wide-ranging perspectives
Student-Centered: Supporting the education of our students through every aspect of our university, every day


On August 15, 2018, Chancellor Dan Arvizu and President John Floros presented an emerging vision of NMSU to the community. The new structure aligned actions and resources with the institutional priorities, and created distinct roles for the Chancellor and President. This involved the following:
  • Community colleges and other system-wide offices such as General Counsel were moved to the Chancellor's Office.
  • On the University campus, functions that support students were unified under the new Vice President for Student Success, Dr. Renay Scott, allowing a tighter focus on bringing student prospects to NMSU, helping them achieve their academic goals, and engaging them in campus life.
  • To forge a greater connection between research and graduate education, the Office of the Vice President for Research agreed to take on the functions of the Graduate School.
  • We streamlined the Office of the Provost to allow a stronger focus on NMSU’s academic affairs.

The process to create NMSU LEADS 2025 was as important as the plan itself; the creative process began an in-depth, ongoing discussion with the NMSU community about our collective future. Through the process, we met much of the community, listened to their thoughts, and incorporated many of those thoughts into the final plan. Even though NMSU LEADS 2025 is now our Regent-approved strategic plan, the document will remain a work in progress and these conversations will continue to ensure that the plan adapts to the changing times.

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