GOAL 1. Enhance Student Success and Social Mobility

Student success across the NMSU system is driven by a commitment to learning, degree completion, and career attainment enriched by our research and outreach enterprise. Our students are served by our culture of inclusivity and educational delivery that meets student needs and includes online and hands-on learning. Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of students across the system, NMSU provides a supportive environment for students to become a part of, and contribute to, the campus community, the state, the country, and the world.


1.1.Diversify, optimize, and increase system-wide enrollment

1.2 Increase student learning, retention, and degree attainment

1.3 Develop a culture of “Aggie Life” reflected by high student engagement through participation and learning in co-curricular experiences

1.4 Strengthen Career Pathways through service-learning, experiential learning and research engagement.

1.5 Elevate graduate education

1.6 Offer a portfolio of engaging, relevant, and accessible academic programs that are tightly integrated with efforts related to research, service, and outreach.





Current Priorities

Priorities Centralized Initiatives Examples at Unit Level Leading Indicators
1.1.1 Create Targeted Enrollment Initiatives Implement SLATE Develop a recruitment plan for Mexico Apply, admit, attend orientation, enroll
1.2.1 Develop System-wide Advising Practices Implement Navigate Identify academic milestones # of employees with appointment scheduling, # of students downloaded APP
1.3.2 Develop Robust Experiential Learning Create an Office of Experiential Learning Expand service learning opportunities on campus # of opportunities available, # of students engaged
1.1.3 Leverage system-wide outreach programs Develop early admission opportunities Implement 4-H pathways program # of freshman with early admission, yield rate from 9 th to 10 th grade

KPIs with Current Measures

Goal Champions

Renay Scott, Vice President for Student Success
Luis Cifuentes, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

Goal 1 - Team Members

First Name Last Name Title Affiliation
Renay Scott Vice President for Student Success Student Success & Enrollment Management
Luis Cifuentes Vice President of Research and Graduate School Dean Office of the Vice President of Research
Enrico Pontelli Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences College of Arts & Sciences
Steve Stochaj Interim Department Head Kilpsch School of Electrical Computer Engineering
Carol Flinchbaugh Assistant Professor Department of Management
Don Conner Associate Dean College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Science
Luis Vazquez Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Office of the Vice President of Research
Steve Bettner Assistant Vice President Auxiliary Services
Evan Conner President ASNMSU
David Smith Director of Assessment Accreditation, Outcomes & Academic Planning
Melody Munson-McGee Chief of Staff Office of the President
John Campbell College Assistant Professor Department of Animal & Range Sciences
Monica Torres President Dona Ana Community College
Ann Coombes Goodman Dean of Students Student Life
Teresa Maria Linda Scholz Vice President for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Office of the President