GOAL 6. Build, Elevate, and Strengthen Sustainable Systemwide Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Practices

New Mexico State University (NMSU) aims to advance Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (EID) across the NMSU system as a foundation for institutional excellence. Establishing a foundation and scaling a sustainable structure will promote shared responsibility and draw on the assets NMSU students bring to the institution. The commitment to Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity of and for students, faculty, and staff has a positive impact on retention and graduation, teaching, service, research, and Extension.


6.1: Embed equity, inclusion, diversity, and intersectionality into the university system.
Aligned with Goals 3 and 4

6.2: Increase representation and retention of underrepresented minoritized and marginalized faculty, staff, and administrators.
Aligned with Goal 2

6.3: Increase sense of belonging for underrepresented minoritized and marginalized students.
Aligned with Goals 1 and 5

6.4: Advance evaluation processes that ensure accountability and acknowledgement for the implementation of EID practices.
Aligned with Goals 2 and 4

6.5: Cultivate a culture of respect that fosters a thriving inclusive community.
Aligned with Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5




KPIs with Current Measures

Goal Champions

Dr. Teresa Maria Linda Scholz

Goal 6 - Team Members

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Angela Velasco Affirmative Action
Kim  Lopez-Gallagher Alamogordo
Michael  Ray American Indian Program
Citlalli Benitez ASNMSU President - Diversity Senator
Dr. James Hall Athletics Department
Cecil Rose Black Programs
Dr. Rio Lopez Chicano Programs
Dr. Laura Bittner College of ACES
Dr. Andrew Conway College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Carol Flinchbaugh College of Business and Graduate School
Dr. Lakshmi Reddi College of Engineering
Dr. Susana  Johnson College of HEST
Dr. Taryn Price DACC
Susanne Berger Employee Council
Joell Austin Employee Labor Relations (ELR)
Dr. Jamie Bronstein Faculty Senate EID Chair
Dr. Dénise Rodriguez Strawn Global
Dr. Cynthia Wise Grad Student Council President
Dr. Kathleen O'Connor Grants
Dr. Judith Flores Carmona Honors College
Dr. Zooey Sophia Sangwanthong LGBT+/Asian Pacific Islander
Dr. Mariaelena De La Rosa Library
William  Nutt Office of Institutional Equity
Danielle Staley Recruitment
Dr. Rosa De La Torre-Burneister Student Support Services (Student Engagement)