GOAL 3. Amplify Extension and Outreach

NMSU outreach extends knowledge beyond the university, drives integration of activities, directly and indirectly, and supports student learning, experiences, and success. Our outreach activities include research, connections with communities and families, multigenerational engagement, economic development and entrepreneurship, and collaborative efforts with industry, corporations, and government entities.


3.1. Be a leader in place-based innovation and in economic and community development

3.2 Develop and implement innovative and culturally responsive PK-20 outreach, professional development, and continuing education programs that support social mobility

3.3 Improve PK-20 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education

3.4 Strengthen and elevate public–private engagement

3.5 Amplify Cooperative Extension and outreach programs and services to increase support for businesses, individuals, and communities





Current Priorities

Priorities Centralized Initiatives Examples at Unit Level
Develop an iterative process to plan, implement, assess, and modify a reporting system that will document Extension and outreach impacts across the NMSU system Review & Aadjust Digital Measures and "expertise.nmsu.edu" resources Departmental training on developing outreach impact documents and Digital Measures
Understand and disseminate information on current outreach efforts; establish mechanisms to better align existing efforts and more readily enable new opportunities. Develop system-wide inventory of all NMSU outreach programs Departmental inventory of outreach and community engagement activities
Connect the Extension network with other NMSU Colleges and units to leverage current and future outreach Develop university-wide opportunities to share collaborative outreach opportunities between Colleges/Units and Extension Departmental faculty meeting with Extension faculty to facilitate collaborative opportunities
Hold an university-wide Outreach Conference to promote collaboration between the Cooperative Extension Service and faculty from other NMSU Colleges and units
Develop and implement a framework for system-wide, holistic, corporate engagement to support growth in corporate relationships, industry sponsored research, and philanthropy Identify framework for engagement levels and responsibilities Summarize current corporate relationships and impacts

KPIs with Current Measures











Goal Champions

Jon Boren, Associate Dean/Director of Cooperative Extension Service
Wayne Savage, Executive Director of Arrowhead Park

Goal 3 - Team Members

First Name Last Name Title Affiliation
Jon Boren Associate Dean/Director Cooperative Extension Service
Wayne Savage Executive Director of Arrowhead Park Arrowhead Center
Carol Parker Provost and SVP Academic Affairs Provost Office
Lenny Martinez VP Economic Development Office of the Chancellor
Kathy Hansen Director Arrowhead Center
Patricia Sullivan Associate Dean College of Engineering
Cheyanne Carlisle Student College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Melody Munson-McGee Chief of Staff Office of the President
Braun Cartwright Chief Operating Officer Athletics
Derek Dictson VP University Advancement University Advancement
Natalie Kellner Special Assistant to President, Strat & Perf Office of the President
Justin Bannister Associate Vice President Marketing and Communications
Newt McCarty 4-H Pathways & Youth Development Agent 4-H Youth Development
Ken Van Winkle President Alamogordo Community College
Glenn Fetzer Department Head Languages & Linguistics/Arts & Sciences
Tony Marin AVP Student Affairs Office of Student Engagement