Goal 4 Progress




2020 Executive Leadership Retreat Agenda
2020 Exec Leadership Retreat Goal 4 Feedback from Breakout Groups


Fall 2019 

Goal 4 Work Alignment (December 10, 2019)

Budgetary alignment

  • Acceptance of Public–Private Partnerships (P3) final proposals closed December 4, to identify a collaborator for Auxiliary Services at NMSU.
  • Created budget incentives for summer courses at the Las Cruces campus and for online instruction for the system
  • Launched Strategic Financial Cabinet – met three times in Fall, focused on learning how we currently manage finance and budget and relation with state

Faculty and staff excellence and inclusion

  • Hosted a team to conduct an external review of climate for diversity on November 18 and 19, to help identify best path forward
  • HRS conducted a system-wide climate survey October; results will be shared in December.
  • Offered strategic planning class to approximately 60 faculty and administrative leaders and others
  • NMSU Sponsored Youth Programs Rule is now implemented and training is ongoing https://arp.nmsu.edu/16-79/.   In the last 8 months, approximately 500 individuals have received training on safety and protection of minors.

More efficient processes and communication

  • Converted www.nmsu.edu and news center to the Cascade system
  • Provost Office is meeting monthly with Department Heads (started this week)
  • Provost’s Investigations Task Force completes phase 1 tomorrow, Dec 6
  • We are assessing over 250 suggestions from campus community on low or no cost improvement opportunities
  • A User Experience Process Improvement Group was formed to build understanding of current practices, identify what should change, help prioritize what to work on, and generally assist HRS to improve the user experience through all aspects of its work.
  • Agreement to create Sustainability Policy and Oversight Council – governance group focused on NMSU sustainability, to be led by two deans and include faculty, administrative staff and students across system
  • Goal Team 4 held two drop-in sessions at DACC (other campuses in Spring Semester) for open conversation.
  • Finance Support Services (FSS), launching before calendar year end, will provide finance users a single point of contract for all finance transactions such as procurement, travel, accounts payable, accounting, payroll, and PCard.  FSS customer support staff will ensure timely response of finance questions.  A website will be created to provide user-friendly and information-rich knowledge base for financial activity.    These services will be provided through the Aggie Service Center.

Effective use of resources

  • Re-organized Information and Communication Technology to better align functions and to better meet system needs.
  • Launched Academic and Research Shop Safety  program supporting experiential learning and student leadership and conducted three instructor led trainings for 23 students and staff https://safety.nmsu.edu/lab-safety/academic-research-shop-safety/
  • Negotiated Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) liability and property premium reduction, savings of $67,000 this year were passed on to departments with registered UAS.
  • The former landfill is now under post closure care and has been released for use as a parking lot.

Next steps

  • Select partner for Auxiliary Services P3 opportunity
  • Determine what recommendations to implement from Diversity Reviewers
  • Develop and implement solutions to improve Human Resource Services, with input from users system-wide including faculty leadership, HR liaisons, and others part of the process
  • Analyze results of Climate Survey for action
  • Launch Enterprise Risk Management
  • Engage leadership to launch an initiative to build a culture of service and excellence
  • Developing College and unit metrics related to NMSU LEADS 2025
  • Implementing no and low-cost ideas submitted by faculty, staff and students
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