Goal 2 Progress

Fall 2019 Summary of Accomplishments and Next Steps

Research capacity

  1. PI Academy has been meeting monthly since August 2019.  Dr. Bill Michener of NM NSF EPSCOR presented a workshop in November.
  2. Finalizing capture management and proposal planning for NASA Balloon Operations Contract. RFP expected in early December.
  3. Sandia National Laboratory now has space in PSL.
  4. Creation of college-level research expenditure dashboard based on LEADS 2025 metrics.
  5. Inaugural Research and Creativity Week – over 160 events took place highlighting work in the humanities, social sciences and STEM (November 10-15).


  1. Hiring and stabilization of PSL leadership.
  2. Hiring Associate Vice President and Chief Science Officer in the Office of the Vice President for Research, charged with bridging PSL growth and campus research capacity.

Graduate Research and Enrollment

  1. Implementation of SLATE CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for graduate application, acceptance and enrollment (GOAL 1 also).
  2. Contracting with EAB to use Adult Learner Recruitment analytics to increase graduate enrollment (GOAL 1 also).


Download Goal 2 Progress (PDF)