NMSU recognizes that all disciplines advance research, scholarship and creative activity, and along with the assets of the state of New Mexico, create a strong foundation for teaching, learning, education, training, innovation, and economic development.


2.1. Facilitate the convergence of research and creative activity to address local and global challenges, integrated with undergraduate and graduate student education

2.2 Intentionally grow humanities, social sciences and creative arts to achieve comprehensive excellence in research and creative activity

2.3 Amplify impact of research findings by addressing local needs that align with global challenges

2.4 Amplify impact of research on society and the economy and promote international collaboration by accelerating technology and knowledge transfer



PrioritiesCentralized InitiativesExamples at Unit Level
Grow non-STEM expendituresPI Academy; NEH workshopCompete for funding & graduate fellowships; Seek chairs & professorships
Increase PhDs in humanities & social sciencesAlign resources (GAs, faculty hires); Streamline approval processCollege of Arts & Sciences proposed Border Studies program
Grow STEM expendituresGo after and win high impact proposals (e.g. Energy Desalination Hub)Increase number and quality of proposal written per year by each department
Increase post-doctoral researchers and research staff with doctoratesPilot Post-Doc program; Professional development programInclude post-doctoral fellows on proposals; Ask for cost share if needed

KPIs with Current Measures

Research is increasing with aggressive targets set



Research is Increasing with Aggressive Targets Set

Goal Champions

Luis Cifuentes, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School
Kathy Hansen, Director of Arrowhead Center

Goal 2 - Team Members

First NameLast NameTitleAffiliation email
LuisCifuentesVice President of Research and Graduate School Dean Office of the Vice President of Research lacifuen@nmsu.edu
Kathy HansenDirectorArrowhead Centerhansen@nmsu.edu
KenVan WinklePresidentAlamogordo Community Collegekvanwink@nmsu.edu
LauraBoucheronAssociate ProfessorKlipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineeringlboucher@nmsu.edu
JimMurphyAssociate DeanCollege of Arts & Sciencesmurphy@nmsu.edu
BeckyCorranChairFaculty Senate bcorran@nmsu.edu
LakshmiReddiDeanCollege of Engineeringlnr@nmsu.edu
JimChavezDirectorPhysical Science Laboratory jimc@nmsu.edu
RolstonSt. HilaireAcademic Department HeadDepartment of Plant and Environmental Sciencesrsthilai@nmsu.edu
MiriamChaikenDeanHonors Collegemchaiken@nmsu.edu
SeanSellersPresidentGraduate Student Councilsellers@nmsu.edu
Jesus Sambrano, Jr.Post DoctoralDepartment of Chemical & Materials Engineeringjssambra@nmsu.edu